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The National Ferret Welfare Society - The truly national society where the welfare of the Ferret comes first
The British Ferret Club originally formed to raise the profile of ferrets in the public eye and encourage best practice in the keeping of ferrets.  This includes ferret health welfare, nutrition, and breeding, working ferrets, keeping ferrets as pets and using ferrets for pest control.
Chudleys Ferret food formulated to provide the correct nutritional values
Pet Rescue UK is a voluntary organisation and completely self-funded and totally reliant on donations, fundraising etc. We aspire to find suitable everlasting homes for mistreated and unwanted animals throughout the UK.
This site is about keeping ferrets as pets and using ferrets to catch rabbits.
S.M.W.R. was first founded in Berkshire as a small pets club.  National House Ferret Association was incorporated in the early 80's.
The Ashfield Ferret Club is located on the outskirts of Nottingham & Ilkeston.  The club holds shows throughout the year, & have a Show Night / Meeting each month. All of the Shows & Meetings are open to anybody Members & Non Members.
ILoveMyFerret.co.uk for Responsible Ferret Owners - We aim to promote ferret ownership in the uk, provide some good basic advice and also sell essential products like ferret food, shampoo, vitamins etc
The NFR web site
British Ferrets - a ferret community support website that will offer advice on the health care, welfare, handling, and the general husbandry of ferrets.

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